Wajeeha Sabir

Hi, I am Wajeeha Sabir, from lush green city of gardens named Lahore, Pakistan. Bachelor’s in computer science with three majors Software Engineering, Information Technology and Education.

Born artist with aesthetic senses. Who love creative art and blossomed ideas. Strong believer of Law of attraction.

It all started with my fitness journey; I was drinking a lot of detox drinks. And came across a drink name Black Lemonade. When I look into its ingredients, it had Activated Charcoal in it. I went to different stores, pharmacies etc. but wasn’t able to find edible Activated Charcoal. Few months later, a thought clicked that if I am unable to find this product that means there is a gap in the market which I can fill by launching my own activated charcoal powder.

I was so excited and energized with the sheer thought of this amazing idea. I did my research, talked to different suppliers, got the raw material and made and packed each product by myself, created social media platforms and started selling this product online. All this process didn’t take more than 2 months. I chose the brand name as ACTIVATED C as it activates the person inside out.

It was a SUCCESS.

I got serious and jumped into real online business, got the website, revamped the product, designed the packages by myself and finally did brand and product shoots.

What you see now is just a humble beginning with lots of ambitions to touch moon and beyond. I am a daydreamer and a perfectionist with practicality in perspective.

Get your body and Soul activated with ACTIVATED C!

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