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The Egyptians discovered activated charcoal, maybe even as early as 1550 BC. It had been used to cure all kinds of ailments, even poisoning.

I am made from activated coconut shell charcoal, which is derived by placing the shells in an oxygen tank at extreme high heat. Then, the carbon is extracted, treated and put in another tank at super high heat with steam and oxygen.

My activated charcoal traps and holds on to molecules, so the bad stuff gets attracted to and sticks to me. I am like a sponge for nasties, so you can live clean and happily ever after.

Well my powder is but not my masks, so please don’t go nibbling on them once you are finished with your mask. Although my powder doesn’t taste of anything, I am medical and food grade activated coconut shell charcoal and safe to eat. I can speed up a detox by getting rid of naughty things like alcohol, caffeine and other liver loaders. I help your liver to focus on hair, skin and nails, plus balancing hormones. When I am eaten, I can affect people in different ways though – sometimes like a laxative, sometimes causing constipation if you don’t have enough water.

Consuming my powder may not for everyone. If you have chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nutrient deficiencies, iron anaemia or are on medication, you should check with your doctor before trying me. And if you are coeliac, don’t eat gluten thinking I can help you. I can’t because gluten is a protein, and I only work with toxins.

There are no known side effects to consuming my powder. That’s because I can’t be digested or absorbed. Even so, you should try a patch test first. If you have an allergic reaction, stop using me and seek medical help straight away.

I am never, ever tested on animals. I am safe to use while pregnant (but always consult your doctor first).

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