Activated Charcoal Powder

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth!

Do you want to impress your girlfriend by having nice, shiny teeth? Are you upset that smoking is causing your teeth to change it’s original color and making them seem yellow? And all of you who can’t give up on coffee or tea but are sick of having yellow teeth, worry no more! Whether it’s your relationship or your love for coffee or tea, there’s a magical ingredient coming to your rescue. And that is Activated Charcoal. Believe us, the black powder will definitely leave you astonished when it turns your teeth all white.

It is perfectly rare to have teeth that are naturally all white and aligned. Unless you spend hundreds of thousands to get the perfect teeth. But we have a better solution for you.

Activated charcoal is made purely and organically from coconut shells and is completely safe for you to use on your teeth. The plague left on your teeth and the yellow-ness caused from excessive drinking of tea and/or coffee can make you under confident and make you extra conscious of yourself in front of others. Activated Charcoal has a negative electrical charge, it absorbs the toxins and gases as they have a positive electrical charge, making sure your teeth are plague-free and eventually shine brighter.

Activated Charcoal can be used directly on your teeth. It will be a messy job but the result will definitely surprise you!
P.S. Smile wide and enjoy your date